Raise money for KTFA by shopping at Waitrose Camden!

We’re delighted that KTFA has been selected as one of Waitrose’s chosen charities for December at their Camden High Street branch (beside SportsDirect). We are sharing this special opportunity with two other local charities.

When you make a purchase at Camden Waitrose they will hand you a green disc and you have a choice of three boxes by the checkouts, into which you insert the disc to vote for your chosen charity. The more discs that are in the KTFA box then the greater the donation to KTFA!

So please, during December, if you’re in Camden pop into Waitrose and register a vote for KTFA. And encourage your friends and family to do it too!!! Even if you are just buying a bottle of milk or a bag of spuds or whatever… get your disk and put in the KTFA box! Every token will mean more funds to spend on new training kit for the club.

This opportunity only exists from the 1st of December to the 31st, so get ready!

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