Kentish Town now using Teamer!

For the 2015-16 season, Kentish Town will be using the Teamer management system to send out information on fixtures and to announce selection decisions.

All players registered with Kentish Town Football Academy (or their parent/guardian on their behalf) will need to register to use Teamer in order to find out about games, receive information on selections and confirm their availability to play.

What is Teamer? Teamer is an online team management system that uses web, text messaging, email or mobile app notifications to organise teams and notify players about upcoming games and team selection decisions.

Why are we using it? Because it means that coaches can use all the different contact methods above to notify our players about  matches whilst only having to manage one contact point themselves ; because our team players can respond by various methods to confirm whether or not they can play and their responses are captured in real time on our private team pages.  This will ensure that coaches know exactly how our teams are shaping up for their next match. If a player isn’t available, we can automatically call up a replacement from a standby list.  The goal is to make team selection much more efficient and ensure players and parents/guardians know about games and selection decisions as early as possible.

How much does it cost the club?  For our club, creating a Teamer account and a team page is free.  All email and mobile app notifications are also free to send.  However, we will have to pay a small amount to use its texting facilities and when we start using it to collect subs, etc Teamer gets a small card handling fee.  However we think thats great value for money for the team, as using Teamer will save coaches a huge amount of time in selecting teams, as well as ensuring that you get the earliest possible notification of fixtures and selection decisions.

Do I have to register on Teamer? Yes – if you want to play for one of our teams then you need to be signed up (or a parent/guardian signed up on your behalf).  We will not be letting people know about games in any other way.   All coaches have real time access to Teamer, so they can send messages for games, postponed fixtures or for any other reason. As everyone who is a member of Kentish Town Football Academy will be signed up to Teamer, each coach will be able contact every club member whenever they need to.  We’ll also be able to use it to send you important club messages, and – in time – take the paperwork out of registering players and collecting subscription fees, as all of this will be done online as well.

How do I get signed up?  In the next couple of weeks you should be sent an email invitation to set up an account. However, if you’d like to register sooner, you can go to and set up your account now.  There can only be one account per player, so if you are a parent/guardian you may want to make sure the email and telephone contact details on the teamer site are your own to make sure you get to know about upcoming games, etc.

Do I need to use both email and a mobile phone to be on Teamer? No, but you must be on one or the other (or have an iPhone / android and use the Teamer app). Everyone will receive notifications but players/parents who only use their mobile phone text facility will have limited accessibility to their own user profile. Players who use email, their Teamer app or the internet, once they have activated their accounts, will  be able to access and update the content of their own Teamer account, for example to change contact details or update their availability for selection.

Why is it a great idea for players and parents/guardians?  It means players (and/or their parent/guardian) will always have details of upcoming fixtures to hand on their phone or over the internet on their computer.  And it will also update real-time when fixtures are re-arranged or new games added. By making selection quicker and easier for coaches, it should mean you find out about games and selection decisions earlier than you would otherwise do so.

How can I use Teamer the club know in advance of dates I’m not available? Letting coaches know about holidays/unavailability is great, and helps coaches plan their teams more effectively.  You can let coaches know in advance you aren’t available on particular weekends by logging onto Teamer and clicking ‘Your Availability’ then clicking and dragging on the dates that you are unavailable. If your plans change, you can click the x on the blue bar within the calendar, or you can click and drag the blue bar to move your unavailability to different dates.

I’ve got two children, what can I do?  Teamer allows you to set up more than one account on the same email/address for a single team, so that should be no problem at all.  If you have any issues, get in touch with Matt at or talk to your coach.

Will being on Teamer cost me anything? Using it as a player – whether over the internet or using the mobile app – is absolutely free (although you may be charged your standard phone texting rate if you choose to respond to messages by text).

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